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5/23 - The pool in Chandler Hall (Newtown branch) is currently closed and will remain closed until further notice.


The Y is the areas premiere lifeguard training center, running classes and programs to certify or re-certify lifeguards year round. Successful course completion involves both written and practical examinations.


For Ages 15+ with strong swim skills
American Red Cross Lifeguarding classes are for adults or young adults age 15 and over. There are prerequisites for the class which include swimming 300 meters of breaststroke, freestyle or a combination of both, treading water for 2 minutes without hands, swimming 25 meters, retrieving a 10 lb brick from the deep end of the pool and getting out of the pool without using a ladder or stairs.  Course includes 2018 American Red Cross Lifeguard course, CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and Standard First Aid. CPR Resuscitator Mask included in class fee. Class includes a mixture of classroom and in-water instruction over the course of 28 hours.  Please note that payment for the class does not guarantee certification and there are no refunds for failure to pass the class.


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