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6/15 We are excited to share that we have exceeded enrollment for Week 1 for Lower Bucks Family YMCA camp. Week 1 enrollment across all camp sites is closed. Register NOW for camp weeks 2-10 to ensure a spot for your child.

IMPORTANT: Changes to Fairless Hills Building Access

Written by LBFYMCA on 06 April 2018.

emergency exit RDear Lower Bucks Family YMCA Member:

I hope this letter finds you well. Thank you for your continued efforts in serving our mission. Through our words, values and actions; each of us represents the Y. Let us continue to make positive moments of impact – together.  The purpose of this letter is to announce an important safety shift in operations:

Effective Monday, April 16, the doors leading into the “Downstairs Lobby” and Youth Education Center will be locked; no longer serving as a second point of access for membership. All members, staff and guests, not connected to the Youth Education Program, are to access the Y through our main lobby entrance.

Below is our FAQ to best communicate the reasoning for this important safety shift:

1. Why can I no longer access the Y through the “downstairs lobby” doors?

It is not a best practice in safety to have multiple access points leading into the Y; especially when one of the access points hosts youth through Stay and Play and Youth Education. As to best monitor and protect all who are in our building; all members, staff and guests must flow in and out of the Y through one, main point of access – our main lobby.

2. Can I still exit the Y through the “downstairs lobby” doors?

To ensure the health and safety of all, please enter and exit through the main lobby where our team of Welcome Center Engagement Representatives are there to support you. Note: The only exception to this guideline is for families exiting Stay and Play.

3. I am a parent who uses Stay and Play. Once I sign my child into Stay and Play, how will I gain access into the main building?

Stay and Play staff will continue to hit a button to “buzz” you in and provide access.

4. How will you prevent families from holding the “downstairs lobby” door open for one another?
All parents of our Youth Education Center will be provided with an individual code. The area is also now under video surveillance. In honoring safety and protection, parents will be strongly instructed to not hold the door open for each other.

5. What if a parent forgets his/her code?
The phone number of the Welcome Center will be placed on the “downstairs lobby” outside entry door. Youth Education families and/or guests trying to access the door unsuccessfully will need to call the Welcome Center. Support will then be provided.

6. I am an Active Older Adult significantly impacted by this change – what can I do?

Please see Director of Membership Operations, Ali DeRosa, at our main Welcome Center in Fairless Hills. She will support you. You can also contact Ali at the following: or 215.949.3400 x22.

For all further questions, comments, please contact me at anytime. Thank you for supporting safety and the Y mission.


Trish Feinthel
Chief Operating Officer

Ali DeRosa
Director of Membership Operations

English French German Italian Russian Spanish

We believe that to bring about meaningful change in individuals and communities, we must be focused and accountable. At the Y, we measure the success of our cause by how well we engage communities in our three areas of focus.

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