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Please note the following change to our group exercise schedule this week: 
9/21- Small Group Circut training (10:30am) and TRX (7:00pm) cancelled
9/22- BodyPump (5:00pm) will be replaced with Strength and Conditioning

Introducing a New App for all branches!

Written by LBFYMCA on 24 June 2018.

phone app RLook out Newtown and Fairless Hills branches! There's a new app in town!

Stocked full of everything you will need at each of our branches, the new app includes a new "find a class" feature, electronic access to schedules and links to current member challenges. You can also keep track of your workouts right on the app -- record manually or take a photo of your of you machines screen, and it will automatically input the information for you.

The app is no cost and free to use inside the Y...or out!

lb app instructions
Still have questions? Our FAQ found HERE has answers to all the most asked questions.

I setup an account on the ap and I can't log in.

Please use the “Forgot your passcode” link on the home screen to contact us and we will email you a temporary login and password for your app. After you sign in, please select the circle with your initials on the top left of the app. From there, click on the purple pencil button on the circle of your initials. Scroll down to ‘New Password’.

I'm moving and changing my home Y. Will I lose all my fitness activity?

No, you won’t lose your fitness activity. Keep tracking those workouts! Be sure to change your home Y in the “Settings” tab under “My Profile” to see your new Y’s group exercise schedule.

How do I change my main Y location?

At the top left, select the circle with your initials. From there, click on the purple pencil button on the circle of your initials. Scroll down to ‘Home Location’ and set it to the location you would prefer to see information for.

How do I log my weight and height?

At the top left, select the circle with your initials. From there, click on the purple pencil button on the circle of your initials. Scroll down to ‘Height’ and ‘Weight’.

How do I log a workout?

You can enter a workout manually by selecting the “Record a Workout” tile “Record Manually” from menu and select the “add” text. You can also add a missing workout. This will allow you to pick the type of workout and track the duration, distance, and calories burned. When you enter type of activity and duration, the app will estimate the calories.

You can also use “xCapture” (located in the “Record a workout” tile). This allows you to take a picture of the display on cardio equipment and it will log the workout for you. Make sure you connect your wearable apps to the app using the “Connected Apps” tile. There will be a slight delay before the workout shows up on your “Workout” tile. You can also use a number of third party apps, wearables and trackers such as FitBit and MyFitnessPal. The full list of these can be found in the "Connected Apps" tile. You can also link your Myzone belt to the app via the Myzone tile.

What is xID?

The xID user identification system is a universal numeric user ID for fitness equipment, mobile apps, and websites. You can use a 10-14 digit number to sign in (phone numbers are easiest to remember). There is a 4-digit numeric passcode for security reasons. Look for the xID mark to know if your Y location has YSV App -connected equipment. Be sure to sign-in to track and personalize your workout activity.

How do I add a workout?

You can add a workout in the “Workouts” tile or under the “Record a Workout”  tile. Use the plus symbol and select “Add a workout” or “missing workout”. There is no option to delete a workout from a 3 rd party connected app. You are able to edit a manual entry work-out by selecting the ‘pencil’ icon on a manual entry.

I don't workout on cardio equipment but want to track my workouts? How do I do this?

No problem, use the “Record Manually” feature under “Record a Workout” and enter in your workouts by day. You can also link 3rd party tracking apps and devices to your account under the “Connected Apps” tab to automatically track workouts.

I signed into the cardio equipment before my workout but I don't see it under my workout history. What do I do?

In the “Record a Workout” tile, select the “Missing Workout” option. Enter your  workout stats and give as much information about the cardio equipment as possible. A message will be sent to the Netpulse support team to look into the issue. Note: you can only add one “missing” workout per day.

What is the difference between a "Missing Workout Entry" and a "Manual Workout Entry"?

Entering a manual and a missing workout look very similar but have different functions in the app. Using the manual workout feature is great way to enter workouts you wouldn’t otherwise be able to enter using a xCapture or third party tracker (i.e. weight lifting or basketball). The missing workout function is a way to enter a workout that did not make it into your workout tab from a third party tracker or a blurry xCapture photo. The rules of many challenges do not allow manual workouts to be counted, whereas missing workouts will be counted toward a challenge, but you can only enter one missing workout per day.

What if I don't want my workouts highlighted on the social feed?

Please go to the “Side Menu” and under “Privacy” select the private.  The Side Menu can be accessed by touching the 3 horizontal bars at the top right corner of the screen on the main page.

I don't see my favorite 3rd party app or device. Are you adding more?

Our app provider is continuously adding more. Please let us know your favorite so we can request they add it to the list:

Can I link more than one 3rd party app or device?

Yes, you can link multiple devices and they will all track.

How do I link 3rd party apps?

To link your 3rd Party Applications please:
● Create a 3rd party account (if you don’t already have one).
● Sign-in to your account on the App and go to “Connected Apps” and
follow the prompts.
● Click "link" for the accounts you wish to link.
● Authorize info sharing.

How long does a challenge last?

Please visit the challenge page on the App to view the challenge details or you can visit the Welcome Center for more information on challenges.

What if I am on vacation during the challenge but still want to participate?

You can participate on the go! Link to your 3rd party apps and wearable devices
(ex: Fitbit, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, etc.) under “Connected Apps” tile in the app.

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YMCALowerBucks The Newtown pool is currently closed. We anticipate a delayed opening later today. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
YMCALowerBucks Deep Water Aerobics, usually held at 8:00am, is cancelled on Thursday, 9/13. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
YMCALowerBucks Soccer for Success, held at the St. Frances Cabrini location, is cancelled for today due to rain.